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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
- Jimmy Dean
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Lamp Posts in Parliament! 'Party Whip' keeps SHEEP in line!

In 1951, at the height of it's popularity with Nehru at the helm, the slogan for Congress was that "even a Lamp-Post bearing the Congress ticket should be elected."

Unfortunately, in today's parliament we only have LAMP-POSTs - Insignificant MPs, who get elected in the name of the party and then herded like sheep in the parliament - using Party Whip. 

Nav Bharat will alter electoral dynamics

With a plethora of elections looming on the horizon, citizen initiatives to bring transparency, accountability and most important, get good, clean people capable of delivery and good governance elected, is gaining traction.

Our democracy should be more transparent: Misra

For the first time in history, the Legislative Council elections have kicked up a debate among the educated class. Thanks to Indian Institute of Management adjunct professor Ashwin Mahesh, many graduates enrolled themselves to electoral college of the Graduates’ constituency. On Sunday, polling will take place in many places including the city. Mr R.K. Misra, a technocrat-turned-public policy expert, speaks on why candidates like Mr Mahesh should be backed in these polls.

Why are elected leaders not keen on governance ?

When Ashwin Mahesh informed me that he was contesting for the legislative council elections from the Bengaluru Graduates’ constituency, I wasn’t surprised. I have known him for many years and we have worked together on solving various civic and governance issues of Bengaluru as part of ABIDe, BBMP TAC and several other civic forums and official committees.

Urban India is craving for Good Candidates & Value Based Politics - Mission 2014!

While in UP, I had the opportunity to meet & discuss with many people from different walks of life. Most educated people, specially young professionals, felt the need for a new political platform, where focus is on identifying & fielding GOOD Candidates. Most parties in these elections have fallen back on time tested Formula of fielding a supposedly WINNABLE candidate irrespective of his credentials or abilities. Since they didn't want to abstain from exercising their franchise, people were forced to choose from among the candidates who have criminal & corrupt antecedents.

I was an MP not so long ago & I Loved those 6 Years!

An Interesting blog by Pritish Nandy........

Everyone called me sir, not because of my age but because I was an MP.

And even though I never travelled anywhere by train during those years, I reveled in the fact that I could have gone anywhere I liked, on any train, first class with a bogey reserved for my family.

Whenever I flew, there were always people around to pick up my baggage, not because I was travelling business class but because I was an MP.

Lokpal to Electoral Politics-Let's Treat The Disease not The Symptoms!

As expected, Political class has hoodwinked Civil Society once again. They brought a Lokpal which they wanted - A Toothless Tiger.

I have been of the view all along & have told this in person to Team Anna too - Lokpal is no RTI. Political Class will never let it happen. Though some opposition parties paid a lip services to Team Anna, just to get some political mileage but in the end they don't want or rather can't risk an effective Lokpal.

The Great Disconnect - Civil Society & Political Class

Middle India - The Educated Urban Middle Class, accused of usurping more than it's fair share of the shining India & cynical towards politics, has largely been ignored by the political class. Politicians scornfully ridicule Middle India for it’s self-centric obsession & scant regard for the democratic institutions.

Morality of Anti Corruption Movement - Is this the Fight to Finish ?

As the saying goes, any struggle with a strong Moral Imperative is bound to succeed.

When Mahatma Gandhi took on almighty British, he had conviction of morality & power of truth on his side. Whole nation was united & finally British had to leave. "Freedom from British" had a strong moral narrative & Gandhi ji was a perfect messenger of this narrative.

Federalization of Indian Politics - The Contrast of "Federal BJP" & "Imperial Congress" ruled States

THE WEEK THAT WASN'T - My weekly Blah Blah on issues concerning the nation..ENJOY!

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